Health Technology Assessments

medical-imagingHealth Technology Assessments (HTAs) are used to assess medical, economic, and social issues surrounding medical technologies and treatments including drugs, devices, and procedures.

HTAs are becoming a frequently used tool for decision makers in several countries, and typically require an assessment of efficacy and safety based on a systematic literature review and meta-analysis where possible. In the absence of head-to-head trials with treatments from the same class, a network meta-analysis using indirect treatment comparisons is becoming increasingly common in HTA submissions. We apply our systematic review expertise to identify relevant clinical trials and supplemental non-RCT evidence to support the clinical efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness components of HTAs.

We have experience working with technology assessment submissions for various regulatory bodies in Europe and North America, including NICE, SMC, and CADTH review committees including the Common Drug Review (CDR) and pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR).

If you require support for a Health Technology Assessment, please contact us to discuss your needs.