Literature Analysis

pen-and-graphsAssessing current topics and trends in the literature is essential for developing relevant research questions, publication plans and marketing strategies. We use systematic review-style literature searches to provide clients with an overview of the literature in their field of interest. Guided by the client’s research goals we can then identify current trends, patterns over time and gaps in knowledge.

We offer a range of quantitative and qualitative analyses to aid our clients’ understanding of the publication landscape. Some examples include:


  1. Keyword analysis
    • Often- and rarely-used terms
    • Co-occurring phrases or themes


  2. Journal or publication analysis
    • Trends in frequency of topic-specific publications over several years
    • Major journals or journal types publishing articles of interest
    • Main authors or research groups publishing articles of interest
    • Geographic location of publications


  3. Other analyses as requested
    • Please contact us to discuss your specific analytical needs

We also provide data extraction services, which can be undertaken simultaneously with literature analyses.